Sunday, November 2, 2008

The new Lotus Pocus yoga studio - pictures

Ok - rather  than a proper "post", this is blatently  just a photo opportunity to introduce the Lotus Pocus studio to those who haven't yet come to see it for themselves.  Last week two good friends Arianna and Marzia (two wonderful photographers  and founders of "Inside s.a.s" if you ever need any professional photos taken!) came to take some pics for me - so here they are!

The practice space

Inside the changing room
A corner of the upstairs room


SarahE said...

Hey Tessa
The new studio looks aamazing and I just wanted to say many congratulations on opening it. I am sure that you will be very successful and will teach many people yoga there. I have finally found a yoga teacher in London to continue with all the good stuff that I began to learn with you whilst I was living in Milan. Anyone would benefit from coming to your classes, I always found them relaxing and informative and I seemed to walk taller afterwards. I hope that your new venture goes from strength to strength and I will certainly be reading your blog regularly for any extra advice.
Sarah Emaar

Tess Privett said...

Hi Sarah!
Great to hear from you! Am so pleased you've managed to find a class and teacher you like - it would have been such a shame to give up! I miss having you in the class.
Thanks for your kind words, I really appreciate it. If ever you have any questions I'm here and more than happy to help you.
You take care now, Tess